​​​​ADCS saves our clients valuable time and money, whether we are commissioned TO PROVIDE architectural DESIGN SERVICES OR "PEER REVIEW" OR "THIRD PARTY PLAN REVIEW" IN FAIRFAX OR PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTIES.

​​​​​ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN + Consulting Services (ADCS) in Alexandria, Virginia, provides traditional architectural design services and less traditional services such as Peer Reviews, Third Party Plan Reviews, Facility Condition Assessments, Quality Control Reviews, and Code Consultation.

 ​ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN + Consulting Services (ADCS) is a boutique architecture firm, an S-Corporation, located in Fairfax City, Virginia.  ADCS provides traditional Architectural/Engineering (A/E) design services and specialized A/E consulting services to both the private-sector and federal government through its SBA 8(a) certification.  The specialized A/E, aka Consulting Services, include County-approved Peer Reviews, Third-Party Plan Reviews, Technical Quality Control Reviews, and Code Consultation on commercial and residential projects, including single-family houses. 


ADCS architectural design skills are best suited to complex small to mid-sized commercial projects that include:

  •  Fitness centers/Recreational
  • Retail
  • Multi-family
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Worship
  • Single-family Detached House – major alteration or new construction

​​Savings with ADCS as the Design Architect:

As ICC Certified and County-approved Peer Reviewers in Fairfax and Prince George’s County, we have a unique (building code expertise allowing us (ADCS) to fully resolve building code issues early on in the architectural design process so that they don’t become an issue once they are submitted to the local jurisdictions for Permit Review.  This expertise and knowledge allow ADCS to accelerate County approvals on its Permit Drawing submission since they receive fewer permit comments, if any, thereby requiring fewer design revisions than typically expected.

ADCS senior staff have specific building code certifications and a close-knit relationship and direct access to County Building Officials (on a first-name basis in most cases).  This  helps the company to ‘AVOID OVER-DESIGNING’ because it knows the County’s interpretation of the local and state amendments to meet minimum code criteria.  As a result, our company’s relationship with the County and code expertise directly translates into significant cost savings for developers and owners! Over-designing is a common problem plaguing many of its competitors.  

Lastly, ADCS reduces change orders during the construction phase through its tighter design documentation and in-house quality control reviews. 

In short, choosing ADCS is as easy as one-stop shopping.

Savings with ADCS as the Third-Party Plan Reviewer or Peer Reviewer:
Are you finding that it takes longer than ever to obtain a Building Permit?   The County building plan review staff in most jurisdictions is down-sizing and aging out with its baby-boomer workforce retiring while still seeing much design and construction activity in the DMV area.
The Third-Party Plan Review and Peer Review processes have both proven to save valuable time on most project types (as much as 50%).  The Peer Review process allows the project to be put on a separate expedited review track by the County once it is Peer Reviewed. The Third-Party Plan Review process does not require any County approval once ADCS Reviewers sign off on them.

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