Additionally, ADCS embraces the digital age in the way it executes design and production and monitors design conformance.  Being a small and a nimble organization that has teaming capabilities with other many other companies, we do much of our work remotely and intelligently. We team effectively based on the project’s needs.  We use technology to share files off of our secured SharePoint site so that geography is not a factor.  This allows us to reduce printing and delivery costs that also translates to cost savings for our Clients.  

ADCS' team of architects are all seasoned professionals with an average of approximately 25 years individually.  Allow us to demonstrate just how effective our proven skills and business acumen can be on your next project. 

Firm history and philosophy  

Architectural Design + Consulting Services, LLC (ADCS) was officially launched in 2010 under the company name of "Sustainable Architecture." The Founder and Principal, Dave Chan, brings a wealth of experience from his 30 plus year background in the architecture and construction industry. To date, he has managed over 8,000,600 square feet of space in design and construction totaling over $550,000,000 in construction costs through both his prior employment and current leadership at ADCS.  These projects include a wide variety --- new construction and alterations, public and private sector, and commercial and residential. Additionally, his unique background from the less traditional roles in consulting and in building code reviews allows him to integrate these skills effectively.

ADCS believes properly serving a Client’s needs requires much more than providing traditional architectural services.  We believe in involving the Client, the engineering disciplines, the Contractor, Using Agency, and all stakeholders to identify all project requirements before beginning the design.  

The ADCS Team (pictured left - right):

Ben Clair, Alan Walker, Dan Ryan, Tom Massey, Dave Chan, Doug Rosen, J. Hitrik