Architectural Design

We possess a distinct advantage in our design capabilities due to our building code expertise from specializing in Third Party Plan Reviews.  

This specialization dramatically accelerates County approvals on our Permit Drawings since we receive fewer permit comments and require less design revisions.  This means that we typically get Permit approval faster than our Peers on our own design projects.  Obtaining permit approvals quickly is crucial in meeting our Client's requirements and expectations.

Another distinct advantage we have from our building code expertise is the ability to recognize required changes to our Client's scope and budget.  In design renovations in particular, existing constraints often present hardships due to required building code compliance.  We recognize these realities very early in the process, convey them to our Clients, thereby managing their expectations and allowing them to make the required adjustments to their scope and budget.  We perform our due diligence by providing a feasibility study and code analysis before we begin the design process.  

Lastly, we are creative in our design process and know when to "push the envelope" since we clearly understand the minimum code criteria.  We do not over-design in order to be code-compliant, thereby providing further savings to our Clients and end users.

We provide comprehensive architectural design services that all revolve around a specific core value – that providing true value to the Client requires truly understanding and meeting or exceeding the Owner’s missions and objectives – there is no substitute. Of course this entails that the project has to be completed within budget and on time. Before the program becomes translated into a design, we assess and validate our Client’s scope through cost and feasibility studies and by conducting building code reviews.  We continually adjust our Scope Management and Control and Monitoring processes accordingly.  This allows us to manage the design more effectively based on the results of our cost and feasibility studies.

We are committed to excellent design and exceeding our Clients’ expectations. We listen very carefully to fully understand their requirements and objectives.  We want to ensure that they are not only fully satisfied, but also so that we could offer recommendations to help them best meet those objectives.  Our projects are designed to be within our Clients’ budgets and to be built within the required time frames.  Our work includes many building types, including those from both the commercial and government sectors.  

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Architectural Design: Scope of Services

ADCS offers these Design Services:

  • Modifications to base building shell and core
  • Low-rise and mid-rise new construction commercial office and mixed-use buildings
  • Commercial renovations and additions
  • Tenant Build-outs
  • Government – additions and renovations

Building images shown above include both projects completed by ADCS and those designed by the Principal, Dave Chan, during his prior employment with other companies.

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