• Park Greene Parcels A, B, C
  • Crossland High School Beacher and Press box Replacement
  • Residential Addition at 9250 Limestone Place
  • Summer Wood Lane Residence
  • Arepa Zone at the Aster Restaurant 
  • Downtown Locker Room #151
  • Alterations for Walk-in Pepsi Cooler Installation
  • Spruce Model SFD
  • Pepsi Ambient Storage at 2611 Pepsi Place​


  • Ayo Larmie Residence
  • 8140 Halleck Place
  • Crafty Crab Restaurant
  • Wood Residence
  • ​Recovery Innovation
  • Pizza Hut Fit-out at 7607 Crain Highway
  • House Restoration at 7400 Parkwood St
  • The Cross Center for Engineering, Arts, and Robotics
  • ​Collington Apartments Interior Alterations
  • House Remodeling at 6501 District Heights Pkwy
  • Royal Farms Convenience Store #411
  • Surgical Associated Charter at Camp Springs
  • Hill Residence


ADCS Plan Reviews is a Certified Third Party Plan Reviewer by Prince George's County Department of Permitting and Inspections (DPIE).  We provide building code Third Party Plan Reviews of Architectural (Non-Structural), Fire Protection, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical design disciplines in place of the County.  Once we approve and stamp off on the drawings and provide other documentation, the County finalizes the approval process within a few days and provides a Building Permit.

Forensic Science Laboratory for the Prince George's County Police Department

Bowie, Maryland
TPP Reviewer:  ADCS Plan Reviews
Client:  Karen Dixon Architecture

Brandywine Apartments at Matapeake Business Park

Brandywine, Maryland

TPP Reviewer:  ADCS Plan Reviews
Client:  Reed Richins Architect
​Developer:  Fairfield Building Company, Inc