Clients and End Users:
Marriott Hotels, U.S. Department of Transportation, Virginia Tire & Auto, TEFCU, Bonefish Grill, Way of Faith Christian Training Center, Crossfit Fitness, and BFR Construction.

One of the greatest challenges that architects and designers face today is keeping up to date with the latest building codes.  The content in the national building code has literally doubled over the last two decades, and the state and county amendments further add to the complexity.  Additionally, new energy codes have been added (International Energy Code Compliance) and Accessibility, commonly known as ADA, has been incorporated.  The most difficult aspect of all is understanding what portions of an existing building needs to comply with the current codes.

Since Dave Chan, the Principal, has certifications in both the commercial and residential building codes, he has been providing code consultation advisory services to his clients, often in conjunction with his third party plan review (Peer Review) services. This service is often performed on an hourly basis and may require as little as a few hours, or it may be a full-fledged code analysis of an existing building for compliance with the current code for new construction and alterations.

By engaging code consultation services early in the design process, Architects and Designers may eliminate costly errors in their design assumptions.  This is especially important in renovations of existing buildings or tenant build-outs.  ADCS has also been able to save the Owner in construction costs by "grandfathering" in existing building elements that do not need to comply with new construction standards.  Sometimes this is achieved with a code modification, which we help our Clients craft and assist in the County approval process.  

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